Get to know Emma

It’s our mission to think differently and help you transform your life to the one that you have always desired!

Our vision as health professionals is about contributing to people’s health and well-being by empowering YOU with the knowledge, self-awareness and confidence to excel in life!

As health leaders we focus on having outstanding results by re-programming the conscious and unconscious mind, Nurturing Honesty, Lifelong learners, Raising the professional standard of massage and myotherapy, leading by example and have a professional and warm environment to empower our clients to excel in life.

The moment you walk through the door you are warmly welcomed like an old friend that we haven’t seen for a while. This is your home away from home.

Let’s start at the beginning

From a young age I knew deep down that I was meant to help people in one way, shape or form. Growing up on a small dairy farm just outside of Timboon in the South West, surrounded by open farm land, animals and a whole heap of fresh air, what kid wouldn’t thrive! To this day my son (Neev) and I, travel down to the farm once a month to get our farm fix.

During the last few years of high school, I was noticing that so many people in the small community including my parents had accepted that living in pain was normal. The saying would go “If you weren’t in pain, you weren’t working hard enough!” This blew my mind in a couple of ways and got me thinking,

1. Who stated that how much pain you were in was equal to how hard you had worked?
2. Why was pain the new normal?

With these thoughts in mind, I decided that I wanted to physically help people with their pain.

In 2013 I moved up to Geelong to study my Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at the Gordon Tafe.
6 months into the course I knew 2 things,
1. I was on the right career path 2. I am going to be a lifelong learner

I kept climbing the education ladder, Diploma of Remedial Massage (2014), Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy (2015), Certificate IV Bowen Therapy (2016), Certificate IV Training and Assessing (2019), Remedial Hot Stones (2020), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & TCI Deep State Re-Patterning certificate (2021).

My First Baby!

2016 was when my first baby was born “Emma Inglis Myotherapy”. I had always known that I wanted to have my own business. I was responsible for every action and non-action I took and still to this day I am responsible for every action and non-action. The first 3 years was tough for the business, working at multiple locations building my name as a therapist. So many times, I wanted to quite and September 2017 was the only time I had said I wanted to quite and actually put plans in place to close the business. Well, those plans fell through and I’m glad that they did, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without those plans failing.

My First REAL Baby!

2019 let’s say it was a big year for me in general, getting married, studying, re-locating the clinic and then finding out I was pregnant.
17th January 2020 I was seeing the last 3 clients before the grand arrival of Neev and on this particular day I wasn’t feeling right. Pregnant woman just know when something isn’t right within their own body.
Me being me I didn’t want to let anyone down, I saw the last 3 clients and then popped over to the hospital to just get checked out. Then BAM 3 days later on the 21st of January Neev was born.

The POWER STRUGGLE of being a mum and business woman

For the next 4 months I was enjoying the new life as a mum but by May I was ready to go back to work part time to feel like my old self again. For the next 12 months I struggled with the pressures of being a great mum, while running a business and treating clients. My old life and new life were clashing and I couldn’t fully commit to one without the other suffering. After trying a couple of different therapies NLP was the one that worked for me. By understanding my habits, Belief systems and the background programs that my unconscious mind was running I was able to re-jig these programs to work with me instead of against me. Total game changer.

With these programs re-jigged I did something so outside my comfort zone, I applied for a Massage teaching job. I have the qualification why wasn’t I using it. To my surprise I got the job, I have this awesome opportunity to teach students who are just as passionate about Massage and Myotherapy as I am by proving them the tools, skills and knowledge to rise the professional standard of our industry.

Fast Forward to 2022

This year, is the year of change in all aspects. The business is having some major development from the smallest aspects like the voice message recording to major aspects like new treatments incorporating NLP work with Myotherapy hands on work and change in structure of treatments. For the people who hate change, have no fear as it’s the same old me but just more awesome!

I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you even better by hearing your stories, what you have been up to and working together to get the life that you truly desire.

Emma Inglis