“I will give it until Christmas and I will get a normal job”

“I will give it until Christmas and I will get a normal job”

These were the exact words I said to Jay. 3 years ago I was working in 4 locations providing myotherapy treatments. I was running around like a headless chock, stressed out of my mind and I was super broke.

Earlier in 2017 I was planning on opening up my own clinic space in South Geelong. I had planned it for months. By September shit hit the fan. I was broke, my relationship was on the rocks, stressing so much that I couldn’t eat or sleep and I was at my breaking point.

Business wasn’t going so well I was only seeing a couple of people per week at each location. So financially I was in the red for months. The hardest point was I had less then $100 to my name and my friends wanted me to go out for dinner to catch up. The choice was to spend $50 out on 1 meal and some drinks or not go out and get my weekly food shop. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was broke so I went out and spent $50 going out.

Just to point this out Jay and I are happily married with a beautiful little boy. Jay is very supportive of my business and would help any way possible. But 3 years ago it was very different. All Jay wanted for me was to be happy and successful. And neither of those were happening. I was getting bullied at the workplace that I wanted to open my clinic at and financially pressure into things that I didn’t want to do as a business. I would home some nights and cry because everything was just too hard. It got to the point where out of his frustration he put an ultimatum in front of me it was either leave South Geelong or he would leave me.

A couple of days later I realised that it wasn’t just me it was also hurting Jay. So I made the decision to put a pause on opening up my own clinic and move out of the 1 treatment room in South Geelong. Things got a little nasty after this point with the South Geelong clinic I won’t go into too much detail but long story short I had to get a lawyer involved and got a team of family members to help me move all my stuff out of my little treatment room that I had already set up straight away.

Once the move was done, we all went out for a fruit tingle cocktail to get the adrenaline back under control. As Jay and I walk home from the pub that night I said to him “I can’t do this anymore I will shut up shop at Christmas time and just get a normal job”.

As time went on, I noticed with my business it had a large increase of new clients and my regular clients started to book in again. By the end of October, I was 80% booked and earning enough money to actually have saving in my saving account. I got thinking one-night driving home from work and realised that my business is a representation of my life. When I was at my lowest in life my business was suffering and once, I started to look after myself physically and mentally and my happiness went through the roof and the business just sky rocketed.
Then when Christmas come around and I knew that I wasn’t ready to give up because I just starting to make a difference in the world.

Fast forward 3 years Jay and I are happily married with a beautiful boy and business is going great.
Thanks for reading 🙂

Emma Inglis

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